Patients & Visitors

General Information

Russellville Hospital does not assume responsibility for any valuables, clothing or other personal items. Please leave valuables at home, send them home with your family members, or request that such items be placed in the hospital safe. Eye glasses, contact lenses and dentures should be kept in protective containers when not in use.

Mail is delivered to patients daily. It will be forwarded to your home for two weeks after discharge. To mail your personal letters, give stamped envelopes to a nurse or volunteer.

Copies of local newspapers are available in vending machines in front of the hospital. Ask your visitors or the volunteers to get your paper.

There are private telephones for each patient, and you may make calls at any time. Long distance calls must be charged to your home number, office number, credit card or must be made collect. If you have any phone problems, dial "0" for assistance. Dial "6" then the number for local calls. We suggest that you ask incoming callers to be sensitive to the needs of your roommate if you
are in a semi-private room. Your friends and relatives may dial you directly, and your nurse will be glad to give you the direct number for your room.

All patient rooms have a color television with controls at bedside and speakers in the side rails. Local network stations allow you to enjoy your favorite programs. In addition, we offer Patient Education programming 24 hours a day. By tuning to Channel 19 on your television you may view medical information programs on some of the most common medical conditions.

Your Meals
Besides providing you with nourishment, your diet is also a valuable tool to your recovery. Your doctor orders the diet that best suits your needs. Your physician's orders will determine the type of food served to you. If you have questions about your special diet, please contact our dietician at 332-8611. If you are permitted a general diet, you will receive a menu each day from which
to choose a selection of foods and beverages for each meal.

Dining Room
Located on the first floor, the dining room is open to the public serving Breakfast 7:00 - 9:00 a.m. and Lunch 11 :00 a.m. - 1 :00 p.m., Monday thru Friday.

Vending Machines
The vending machines are located in front of the Hospital and provide a selection of food and beverages 24 hours a day.

Notify your minister of your hospital stay so that he or she can make arrangements to visit you. If you do not have a minister, our nurses will help you contact a minister of the denomination of your choice.

Lost and Found
If you misplace any of your belongings, please notify the nurse. Items left behind are kept in the hospital's safe for a reasonable length of time before they are discarded. Remember, never leave valuables in your room.

Case Management
The Case Management Representative assists patients and family members with home health care planning, nursing home placement, family and individual counseling, referrals for possible financial assistance, and information about available community services and resources. If you wish to contact a social worker, please ask your physician or nurse to contact our Case Management Representative. Referrals to our representative are held in strictest confidence.

Privacy and Confidentiality Conerns
Russellville Hospital provides a mechanism for responding to and resolving patients/families concerns or complaints regardingHIPAA. Any such concern/complaint may be presented at any time to the Administrative Supervisor who can be reached at 256-332-1611 (or dial “0”).

Russellville Hospital is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. HIPAA ensues a patient's right to privacy and confidentiality. If you have any concerns and complaints regarding your rights to privacy and confidentiality, please follow the process outlined in the Notice of Privacy Practice received upon admission.

Ethical Concerns
Russellville Hospital has established an Ethics Committee as an internal mechanism to address
ethical issues. The Ethics Committee serves in a consultative capacity to patients and their families. Patients or families facing ethical issues may contact hospital staff, administration or medical staff for referral of issues to the Ethics Committee.

When your doctor feels that you are able to leave the hospital, he or she will tell you and indicate it on your medical record. The following is a checklist to be used at the time of discharge:

  • Double check your room and bathroom for personal items so that nothing is left behind. 
  • A courtesy discharge is given to patients who have completed all financial arrangements prior to discharge. No formal check-out with the cashier is required.
  • If discharge financial arrangements are required, you will be assisted by a nurse who will escort you to the cashier's office to complete the discharge process.
  • A discharge assessment will be completed by your nurse and discharge instructions will be given just prior to your discharge.
  • When all of the above steps are completed, a nurse will escort you to your car.
  • Please instruct your family or friends to pick you up at the front entrance of the hospital.